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What kind of job will I be able to get right out of school?

At Parker Professional Driving School, we approach job placement from the beginning of your training. In the enrollment process, we discuss what kind of opportunities will be available to you after graduation.

In our classroom, we explain the different endorsements you can add to your CDL license and prepare you for the endorsement tests you will take at the RMV. We also explain the importance of the endorsements for the various job opportunities you may be looking into when you are licensed.

Once you have obtained your CDL license, an appointment is made with our job placement specialist. In this one-on-one appointment, we will cover resume preparation and interviewing techniques. We will discuss opportunities currently available. We will talk about what kind of job suits you, where the jobs are and how to get them. In the end, you alone are in charge of how hard the job search is pursued and what attitude prevails.

Do I have to go over the road to get experience before working locally? Will I make more money
going over the road?

A newly licensed driver does not have to go over the road and will not necessarily make more money doing so. Our graduates are employed at many local companies. However, over the road opportunities do exist and will provide you with valuable experience.

But we don’t stop there At any time and at any point in your driving career, when you need assistance or advise on exploring new job opportunities, you will find us ready, willing and able to help you map your future career plans.

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